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Football fans are so obsessed with the sport that they can not live without it any day. And now that football settled on virtual spaces and there were football games online , you can surrender to this hobby completely. Cheer for your favorite team - it's great . Best vacation - when you can throw out their emotions without fear of the consequences , and this gives us the rest football. How often sitting in the stands , you would run out on the field and score the ball himself to help his team. Now you will have the opportunity, playing soccer games . Sit down at your computer , go to our website ... and you are lost from the abundance of games on football and about football theme. And not to get lost among this diversity, let's take a look at what we have available and the game is different than the one from the other. The fact that in each of the games have a ball , you can be sure , but with regard to the players , then the choice is huge . If you just want to play normal football play football on the green field , to score a couple of goals the opponent , then you will approach the game in a traditional football. They are very realistic with excellent graphic portrayal . You can compete with famous players or type them into his team . Imagine a team of some football stars , but you will be invincible ! Or you can play just for the star, for example, David Beckham and Roberto Barge . A lot of games dedicated to whatever Championships , which were held in different years. You will take part in them , and change the results of the championship , bringing his team to the championship , and the flag of the country will choose themselves . You have the power to change even the results of Euro 2012! In soccer games to play fun and exciting, and, importantly , the weather has no effect on this process , you are sitting in a comfortable chair and a warm can during the halftime break to go eat a couple of sandwiches with tea. Simply paradise! But, we digress a little , because you do not know about all the games of football. Many of them as players make you play with your favorite cartoon characters , heroes games, politicians and show business stars . Imagine a duel with Mario or with Smeshariki . Girls will also act as the players and will not give the boys in the excitement or enthusiasm . Play football online for free , and you can not necessarily fans of the game , if you do not go to the stadiums for football matches and did not know the famous players , then by playing a couple of games you are interested in this awesome game, because playing football online for free is very interesting .

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